Ultem® Plastic Machining

Ultem Plastic Machining Services Brogan Patrick

Brogan & Patrick Manufacturing Corp leads in Ultem® machining services in the US and has been providing custom Ultem® machined parts for several years now. Ultem ® plastic is a high strength polyetherimide compound that can resist chemicals, heat, moisture, and solvents. This material works well in high-temperature environments and can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. All these properties of Ultem® make it the right choice for mission-critical applications across industries.

Features of Brogan & Patrick’s Ultem® Plastic Machining Services

At Brogan & Patrick, we employ advanced technology, processes, and equipment to deliver optimum results.

  • Our experts specialize in engineering, as well as product and tooling design.
  • We use CAD/CAM to design products and to program manufacturing processes.
  • We specialize in a broad range of Ultem® CNC machining services including CNC milling and CNC turning services.
  • We work with diverse grades of Ultem® plastic.
  • Our technology investments enable achieve precision tolerances up to +/-0.005'.
  • We can process prototypes to medium-sized to full production runs.
  • We also provide secondary finishing services such as edge finishing, polishing, and so on.
  • All Ultem machined parts are tested and inspected for manufacturing defects, which helps us reduce product recalls.

Ultem ® Plastic Material Properties

Over the years, Ultem® plastic has set a standard for high dielectric strength and is widely used in applications in the military and aerospace industries. It outperforms DELRIN and nylon in many ways. The following properties of the material have contributed to its popularity and increasing utility in mission-critical applications.

  • Ultem® plastic belongs to the family of polyetherimide or PEI, and was developed by SABIC in the 1980s.
  • TUltem® plastic is an amber-to-transparent thermoplastic.
  • Ultem® plastic produces a low amount of smoke and exhibits brilliant heat resistance properties.
  • Ultem® plastic is suited for both water and hot air environments.
  • Ultem® plastic is considered as a suitable alternative to polysulphones, as it can resist cracking and assures excellent reliability in all challenging environments.
  • Ultem® plastic possesses an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Grades We Work With

At Brogan & Patrick, we work with the following grades of Ultem® plastic.

  • Ultem® 1000: This is the virgin grade of Ultem® because it has no fillers. This grade possesses excellent flame, gamma, and UV radiation resistance. Additionally, it has a limited oxygen index, low conductivity, as well as low NBS smoke evolution. All these properties have contributed to its increasing use in building aircraft parts. The parts made of this material can easily retain 85% of their tensile strength even if immersed in water for 10,000 hours. This property makes it an ideal choice for building structural components for food processing.
  • Ultem® Glass Filled Grades: We work with various Ultem® glass filled grades such as
    • Ultem® 2100: This is 10% glass-reinforced grade, which assures high rigidity and strength at high temperatures. The grade also assures low smoke generation and is flame resistant. It is autoclavable, and is used in reusable medical parts.
    • Ultem® 2300: It is a 30% glass-reinforced grade, which has higher rigidity and tensile strength than Ultem®1000. This grade also exhibits high dimensional stability, which means less variations under load and temperature changes. Like Ultem® 1000, this material also possesses brilliant electrical insulation properties and low thermal conductivity. Like Ultem®2100, this material is autoclavable, which makes it an ideal choice for building reusable medical parts. Owing to its lightweight construction and high strength, this material is used in building aerospace parts.
    • Ultem® 2200: This grade also offers excellent dimensional stability and rigidity like 2100 and 2300 grades. The glass-reinforcement assures increased dimensional stability and rigidity.

Ultem® Machined Parts We Deliver

At Brogan & Patrick, we serve clients from industries like aerospace, electronics, instrumentation, medical, semiconductor, and telecommunications. We regularly machine the following precision ultem products for our clients:

  • Manifolds
  • Electrical connectors
  • Semiconductor components
  • Machined washers in aerospace
  • Machined bushings in the telecommunication industry
  • Medical components
  • Semiconductor equipment components

At Brogan & Patrick, we are committed to assure 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we work closely with them to understand their requirements, application environments, and end-users. This customer-centric attitude combined with our expertise, experience, and in-depth understanding of material allows us to deliver precision Ultem® plastic machined parts that exceed their expectations. You can contact us today to get in touch with one of our Ultem® machining experts. We would be happy to guide you with the right machining requirements.