Electronic Parts Machining

Electronic parts machining demands ultra-high precision. Electronic components are often small in size and possess intricate designs. No matter, whether used in a small home appliance or a massive industrial automated electronic structure, the quality of electronic parts machining must be assured. This is where CNC machining of electronic parts comes into the picture. Brogan & Patrick is capable of performing superior quality CNC electronic parts production. We offer electronic component design and CNC machining for various electronic components. We can provide electronic parts machining for prototype to full volume production runs.

Electronic Components We Manufacture

At Brogan & Patrick, we manufacture a wide range of electronic components. The list of electronic products we manufacture is as follows.
  • DIN Connectors: DIN connectors are electronic connects with circular interface and pins arranged on the circumference. We, at Brogan & Patrick, manufacture these German standard electronic connectors for industrial applications.
  • Coaxial RF Connectors: These are the radio frequency connectors that are designed and developed to work with radio frequencies at a multi-megahertz range. We manufacture these RF connectors to pair with coaxial cables.
  • Pin Grid Arrays: The pin grid arrays are small rectangular components in the integrated circuit packaging. These components feature small pins mounted in a rectangular array over a base material.
  • XLR Connectors: The external line return (XLR) connectors are developed for cleanly passing the large electric current. We at Brogan & Patrick manufacture these XLR connectors for advanced audio equipment, video devices, and lighting equipment.
  • Sockets: These sockets form an electric junction between the power source and power transmission line.
  • ST Optical Connectors: Straight tip (ST) optical connectors are the devices used to connect fiber optics links. We manufacture these ST connectors for fiber-based networks and hybrid networks.
  • Parts for Electronic Pumps: We manufacture different components for electronic pumps such as sprayers, nozzles, integrated circuits, etc.
  • Electronic Component Interfaces: We design and manufacture electronic component interfaces like sockets, terminals, etc for electronic equipment.
  • Housings: Housing is an integral part of electronic components. We machine protective housing for electronic components and devices to secure moisture, dust, and hazards of electrocution.
  • Faceplates: The electrical faceplates are for covering the integrated circuits and supporting the electronic structure.

Capabilities of Brogan & Patrick’s CNC Electronic Parts Machining Services

Brogan & Patrick is today one of the most favored manufacturers of CNC electronic parts in the USA. We believe the following capabilities that we have acquired over the years have made it easier for us.
  • Custom Design: Since electronic components are small and intricate, we custom design them according to the customer’s requirements. In modern electronics, miniature electronic components are being utilized on large scale. Such miniature components like controller chips, microprocessors, PCB mounting parts, etc are demand custom design and delicate manufacturing. Brogan & Patrick is capable of designing small and large electronic components by using precision CNC machining.
  • Batch Production: Brogan & Patrick’s CNC production facility is well equipped with state-of-the-art resources from high-end brands like HAAS, Leadwell, and many more. Therefore, we are capable of taking quick-turn production of small and high volume batches of electronic parts machining. Due to 24 hours for 360 days availability and active application of resources like fixtures, chucks, vises, collets, etc, we can take the entire batch production in-house. We employ multi-swindle Swiss screw machining for long-run projects. Any complex component requirements that cannot be accommodated in injection molding can be achieved using our CNC electronics parts machining services.
  • Dimensional Precision and Accuracy: Dimensional precision and accuracy of electronic components directly impact the electronic circuits and automation systems. We use multi-axis CNC machines, auto-tooling, auto load bar feed, etc to achieve high dimensional precision and accuracy. We can manufacture complex plastic components within the provided TAT without compromising on the quality.
  • Secondary Services: In order to finish the CNC machining parts, we adopt secondary activities like surface finishing, cryogenic deburring, milled finishing, powder coating, anodizing, etc. This enhances the quality of CNC electronic parts.

Materials We Work With

We work with a wide range of metals and non-metals for CNC electronic parts production. The materials we work with are listed below. To know more about our electronic parts machining services, please feel free to contact us today. In case of any queries, please reach our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our experts will be happy to assist you.