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Metal and Plastic CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning is precision machining techniques highly preferred for product manufacturing. In this process, a workpiece is placed in a chuck and paired with a parallel or inclined cutting tool. This workpiece is made to rotate at a certain RPM while the cutting tool removes material from it to lend the desired shape. CNC turning is a subtractive process and has gained immense popularity over years. This process is utilized to manufacture circular or cylindrical objects. At Brogan & Patrick, we specialize in precision CNC turning services. We have been manufacturing and machining precision components by using the CNC turning process for several years now. Our production facility is well-equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines from high-end brands like Leadwell, HAAS, Takasawa, etc. We are capable of performing precision CNC turning with immense accuracy and close-fit tolerances up to +/-.001.

Our CNC Turning Capabilities

The following capabilities developed over the years have helped to become one of the well-known providers of precision CNC turning services in the US with a strong presence in Wisconsin and Illinois.

  • CNC Turning Processes: We provide the following types of high–precision CNC turning processes:
    • Contour Turning
    • Taper Turning
    • Form Turning
    • Straight Turning
    • Live tooling
    • Cross hole drilling
    • Hexing
    • Threading
    • Tapping
    • Bar Fed


  • State-of-The-Art Equipment: All CNC turning services are performed in-house at our well-equipped facility featuring several advanced CNC turning centers and multi-axis CNC machines. These machines enable auto tooling, auto-load bar feed, etc. Our CNC turning centers enable us to produce CNC turning components with immense accuracy and close-fit tolerance up to ±0.0005, lengths up to 20ʺ, 2.5ʺ (bar feed), and 8ʺ chuck-locked diameters.


  • Availability of Fixtures: We offer CNC turning services with custom fixtures. The following are a few standard fixtures available for the quick-turn CNC turning process:
    • Four-jaw chucks
    • Three-jaw chucks
    • Collets
    • In-house fixturing and tooling
    • Vises

In addition to these, we offer in-house fixture customization and tooling.


Materials We Work With

At Brogan-Patrick, we hold extensive experience with diverse metal and plastic materials, which enables us to meet the complex requirements of our clients from various industries. The following are a few popular materials that we regularly work with.

  • Metal CNC Turning Materials: We perform CNC turning parts production using the following metals:


Benefits of Our Precision CNC Turning Services

The technology investments and our expertise in precision CNC turning services have made us one of the leading CNC turning components manufacturers in the country. The following benefits of our services are well-appreciated by clients across industries.

  • Dimensional Precision and Stability: The products manufactured through CNC turning assure high dimensional precision and stability as dimensional deformation is negligible in the CNC turning process.
  • Quick-Turn CNC Machining: Owing to the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and skilled operators, we are capable of offering voluminous CNC turning parts production in a limited duration. Our zero-error and quality production policy allow us to assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Complex Part Production Capabilities: Our intensive knowledge and experience with advanced design software and accomplished CNC turning skills allow us to perform complex part production easily. Over the years, we have had several opportunities to manufacture complex CNC turning products for mission-critical applications.
  • Secondary Services: We also provide secondary services like CNC threading, grooving, tapping, and cryogenic deburring, etc, which makes us a one-stop destination for all your CNC machining needs.


Industries We Serve

The clients from the following industries regularly utilize our CNC turning services.



At Brogan & Patrick, we manufacture the following components by employing various CNC turning processes.

  • Screws: Our screw production includes a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to specialty alloys, catering to industries where corrosion resistance, strength, and precise threading are critical. We offer screws in various head styles, including Phillips, flat, and hex, to accommodate different application requirements.
  • Sleeves: Our sleeves not only provide seamless coupling and protection but are also customizable with options for internal threading, grooves, or surface finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for your components and environments with specific challenges like high temperatures or abrasive materials.
  • Fittings: Precision CNC turning allows us to create fittings with intricate shapes and threads, ensuring a tight fit and minimizing the risk of leaks. We work with a variety of materials to accommodate specific fluid and pressure requirements.
  • Tubing: Our precision tubing is available in a range of diameters and wall thicknesses, with tight tolerances, making it suitable for industries requiring precise fluid transport, such as aerospace and medical devices. We can also provide tubing with custom bends and flanges.
  • Adapters: Adapters play a crucial role in system integration. Our adapters are engineered with attention to detail, ensuring that they not only connect different components but also optimize flow rates, pressure, and compatibility.
  • Bushings: We offer bushings in different materials and configurations to suit your needs, whether it's reducing friction, providing electrical insulation, or facilitating precise alignment in your machinery or assemblies.
  • Rings: Our precision rings serve diverse applications, from retaining bearings and shafts to sealing against fluids and gases. We can manufacture rings with custom profiles to meet unique requirements.
  • Face Plates: Our face plates are not only tailored to your design specifications but also can include features such as bolt patterns, tapped holes, or surface treatments to ensure they integrate seamlessly into your equipment.
  • Seals: We excel in creating seals that are not only leak-resistant but also withstand extreme temperatures and chemical exposure. These seals are critical for applications in harsh environments.
  • O-Rings: Our O-rings come in a variety of materials, including FDA-approved elastomers for the food industry and high-temperature-resistant compounds for aerospace, ensuring reliable sealing solutions.
  • Gaskets: Our gaskets are precision-cut to offer a perfect fit, minimizing the risk of fluid or gas leakage. They are available in various materials, including rubber, cork, and graphite.
  • Guide Wheels: Crafted with precision and durability, our guide wheels are engineered for low-friction movement and can be customized with different bearing types to meet your specific load and speed requirements.
  • Probes: Our probes are designed with precision tips and materials that are compatible with various substances, making them ideal for industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing for accurate measurements and inspections.
  • Collets: We offer collets in standard and custom configurations, ensuring secure work piece clamping for CNC machining, turning, and milling applications, resulting in consistent and precise results.
  • Sensors: Our CNC turning capabilities extend to sensor production, providing vital components for monitoring and control systems in industries like automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation.
  • Lens: Our precision lenses are manufactured with exacting tolerances to ensure distortion-free imaging, making them indispensable for applications in cameras, telescopes, and optical systems.
  • Washers: Our washers are fabricated with meticulous attention to thickness, diameter, and material selection, ensuring reliable load distribution, spacing, and sealing in a wide range of machinery and equipment.
  • Bearings: Our bearings are engineered for low-friction and high-performance rotational motion. We offer a variety of bearing types, including ball bearings, roller bearings, and plain bearings, to meet your specific application needs.

At Brogan & Patrick, we offer quotations using standard CAD files for standard and custom products. In case of any queries about Brogan & Patrick’s precision CNC machining services, please contact our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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